Green Terrace

Green Terrace

Green Terrace is located approximately half way up the Mt. Ikoma on the Nara side and south of Hozanji. It has a magnificent panoramic overview of Ikoma and Nara cities.

They are proud to create delicate cuisine that uses local organic vegetables and is absolutely 100% free of artificial food additives or seasonings.


Address Ikoma City, Monzenn-cho 19-59

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Tel. 090-3485-9293
Access Kintetsu Nara line from Ikoma station: 11minutes by bus then 6min. on foot.
From Hozanji Station of cable car, 15minutes on foot.
Open 10:00-15:30 and 17:30-22:00
Closed Irregular holidays
Parking 5car spaces available. Please confirm by booking.