The Mountain Pass Tea House Suehiro

The Mountain Pass Tea House Suehiro

Just off Kuragari Nara Hghway, national highway 308, on the boarder between Nara and Osaka, located on one of the "100 Treasure Roads of Japan", on cobbled streets steeped in history, at an intersection of rest and solace, with Minamiikoma to the East, Hiraoka to the West, Kamogawa Mountain Pass and Jusann Mountain Pass to the South and the peak of Mt. Ikoma to the North, you will find The Mountain Pass Tea House, "Suehiro".


Address Ikoma City, Nishihata-cho 1077-1

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Tel. 0743-76-8495
Access 60minutes walk from Kintetsu Minamiikoma Station
Open 9:30-16:30
Closed Wednesday
Weekdays from Mid December to late February
Parking 3 car spaces