Kurondo pond

Shigiikoma Skyline

Toll road passing through the Ikoma Mountains. On a beautiful day, you will have a western night view of Osaka plains and Akashikaikyo bridge and Awaji Island, whilst keeping an unbroken view of Nara basin to the East.

There are many tourist attractions along the skyline such as, from the south, Mt. Shigisan, Residents’ Forest of Osaka Pref. (Mizunomi and Narukawa Park gardens) and Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park.


Business Hours Nov. through to Feb. 6:30-23:00
March torough to Oct. 6:30-0:00
(Those times occasionally change due to poor weather conditions. After business hours, the road is closed. Motorcycles are prohibited.)
Tel. 0743-74-2125 Shigiikoma Skyline)
072-988-4184 (Residents’ Forest)