IKOMA JOURNEY - The tourist guide of Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, Japan.

Recommended Courses - Ikoma-shi,Nara Japan Travel Guide

The long route that runs from North to South in Ikoma City is home to many popular tourist spots. Below is a selection of fun and efficient sight seeing courses as recommended by the Ikoma Tourist Board.

This course takes in the tomb of Mino Okamaro, who was part of the envoy to visit China during the Tang dynasty, the stone Buddhist temple along Kuragari mountain pass, the Amida Buddha statue, Manyo Tanka Inscriptions and the terraced rice fields.
This course includes the Takayama bamboo grove, with its beautiful Japanese garden, Takayama castle ruins, said to have been home to Takayama , Enrakuji Temple ruins with the Takayama family tomb, the tea whisk hamlet and the Takayama Hachimangu Shrine with its plethora of cultural heritage sites.
This course passes through the 7 shrine pavilions of the Ikoma Grand Shrine, the tomb of Gyoki inside the grounds of Chikurinji Temple and finally the 11 faced wooden statue of Kanon, enshrined in Enfukuji Temple built at the end of the Heian era.
Take the Ikoma mountain cable car, the first of its kind in Japan (opened in 1918) to Hozanji Temple. Frequented by business people seeking favor in their endeavors, the temple, also known as Shoten is enjoyed furthermore for its view overlooking the Nara basin. On the way home drop by the popular shopping arcade, Green Hill for refreshments and souvenirs.

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