IKOMA JOURNEY - The tourist guide of Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, Japan.

Sightseeing in IKOMA - Ikoma-shi,Nara Japan Travel Guide

Ikoma City is situated in the Northwest of Nara Prefecture and developed around Hozanji Temple which was founded in the Edo period.

Blessed with nature and cultural heritage alike, Ikoma is also know as a convenient bed town for Osaka with Osaka located just over the mountain.

Below we present to you a selection of famous sites around the City for you to enjoy.

Ikoma Location


The map of Ikoma City
  • In this region, there are shops that manufacture and sell a variety of bamboo products including bamboo whisks. The winter landscape ...

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  • Forming the border of Nara and Osaka, Ikoma Sanchi (Ikoma Mountains) is richly blessed with nature and other recreational facilities such as the Ikomasannroku Park ...

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  • Nara Highway over Kuragari Pass, running the southern area of Ikoma City, has long been crowded with travelers since ancient times as the shortest route connecting Osaka ...

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