Chofukuji Temple

Chofukuji Temple

The temple’s own history book has it that the temple was started by the High Priest Gyoki under the order of Emperor Shomu during the Nara era (710-794 AD). In the residential area, the temple grounds are peacefully surrounded by the forest of old trees and bamboo thickets.

[ Important Cultural Property ]
Chofukuji main hall

[ National Treasure ]
Kondou Nousashoutou (Gold plated tower shaped copper container of Buddha’s bone)


Address Ikoma City, Tawaraguchi-cho 841

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Tel. 0743-73-2563
Access On the Kintetsu Nara Line, please get off at Ikoma station. From there please take Nara Kotsu bus to Tawaraguchi Hanna Central Hospital stop.