Daijotakidera Temple

Daijotakidera Temple

This temple has been reported to have been opened by a High Priest Gyoki during the Nara era, but was restored during the Edo era. The precinct is surrounded by forests and clear streams, and has formed a landscape worthy of its "Sango" (Title of the temple, Daijotakidera has sango of Kiyotakisan, which means clean waterfall). The "Waterfall Temple Park", with the sunlight filtering through trees and the fresh wind, is counted as one of the Eight Picturesque Sights of Ikoma.

[ Cultural asset ]
Juichimen Kannon (Eleven-faced Kannon Bodhisattva)


Address Ikoma City, Motomachi 2-14-8

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Tel. 0743-74-1172 (Aizen Dorm)
Access From Ikoma station, about 15min. walk towards Hozanji, about 5min. by taxi. Please note that there is no cable car station nearby.