IKOMA JOURNEY - The tourist guide of Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, Japan.


Spring Events

The Ikoma Shoten Equinoctial Week Lantern Ceremony.

With thoughts of gratitude for the universe, country, teachers and parents, the memorial services prays for ancestors and f or the safety of family members by blanketing the whole mountain with 10,000 lit lanterns.

Date Every September the 23rd. Buddhist memorial service 17:00
Location Hozanji Temple
Tel. 0743-73-2006 (Hozanji Temple))
Access From Kintetsu Ikoma Station, take the cable car to Hozanji Temple Station

Spring Events

Spring Events

Ikoma Grand Shrine Fire Festival.

Known as the Fire Festival, the festival involves traditional shinto music, dancing processions and fire rituals. Home to the guardian deity of land, the shrine holds the festival every October, with its origins said to date back to the time of Emperor Tenmu.

Parishioners of Ikoma valley are divided into 2 groups, standing and kneeling as they go through a variety of rituals. The two teams carrying "Omikoshi" (portable shrines) race to erect a large torch made of Japanese pampas grass. Due to the competitive dynamic of the festival, it is also fondly know as "The Dual Matsuri"

By the time the sun goes down, the festival reaches its climax with the fire ritual. Large torches are gradually set alight by participants running around with smaller lit torches, and when the large torches burn themselves out, the festival draws to a close.

Date Annually, the day before the National Physical Education Day (October the 7th, 2012)
Yomiya Festival vigil from 15:00.
Wadaiko-houno Japanese Drum Offering starts from 18:00.
Main Festival from 10:00 , Fire Restival from14:00.
Location Ikoma Grand Shrine
Tel. 0743-77-8001 (Ikoma Grand Shrine)
Access A five minute walk from Kintetsu Ichibu Staion

Spring Events

Spring Events

Ikoma Takayama Evening Light Bamboo Tea Party.

The bamboo grove inside Takayama becomes a gallery for light bamboo sculptures. An outdoor concert, called "The Bamboo Light Concert" is also held during the exhibition, which helps to create a wondrous and magical atmosphere.

Traditional tea is prepared in a giant Japanese tea bowl with a diameter of 39cm and a weight of 3kg, a 40cm long tea whisk and a whole host of other oversized tools are also used. Everyone gathers in a circle to hold the Circular Giant Musical Tea Ceremony.

Date Annually, in the middle of October (tbc) 13:00~20:00 (provisional)
Location Ikoma Takayama Bamboo Forest
Tel. 0743-79-3344 (Takayama Bamboo Grove)
Access Get off at Kintetsu Tomio Staion and take the bus to Jyodaikita
(Takayama bamboo grove)

Spring Events

Takayama Hachimangu Festival.

An annually held autumn festival at Takayama Hachimangu Shrine

Date Festival Vigil: The third Saturday of October
Main Festival: The third Sunday of October
Location Takayama Hachimangu Shrine
Tel. 0743-78-1014 (Takayama Hachimangu)
Access Get off the train at Kintetsu Tomio Staion then take a Nara Kotsu Bus bound for Shoda and get off at Takayama Hachimangumae

Spring Events

Hozanji Temple Butsumyo Ceremony.

3000 images of the Buddha, a thousand each to represent the past, present and future to praise his name. This Buddhist ceremony concentrates on praying to the Buddha for relief and forgiveness of sins accumulated over the past year.

Date November 2nd, annually
Location Hozanji Temple
Tel. 0743-73-2006 (Hozanji Temple)
Access Take the cable car from Kintetsu Ikoma Staion and get off at Hozanji Temple Station.

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