IKOMA JOURNEY - The tourist guide of Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, Japan.


Sightseeing in IKOMA - Southern Area in Ikoma-shi, Nara Japan -
Nara Highway over Kuragari Pass, running the southern area of Ikoma City, has long been crowded with travelers since ancient times as the shortest route connecting Osaka and Nara. Along the highway, lie the many footprints of Gyoki, the high priest of the Nara period, who was involved in creating the Big Buddha at Todaiji Temple, including his tomb at Chikurinji Temple.

Kuragari Pass, to this day, retains some cobbled streets and charm. The world renowned poet Matsuo Basho also passed through here on his final journey, before his untimely death.

Furthermore, at Oze area, once flourished as a post town for the travelers through the pass, a facility has been serving the hikers by warming up their legs with natural hot spring to ease their fatigue.

Highlights of the Northern Area

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Highlights of the Southern Area in Ikoma-shi, Nara Japan

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