IKOMA JOURNEY - The tourist guide of Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, Japan.


This course takes in the tomb of Mino Okamaro, who was part of the envoy to visit China during the Tang dynasty, the stone Buddhist temple along Kuragari mountain pass, the Amida Buddha statue, Manyo Tanka Inscriptions and the terraced rice fields.


1. Start Kintetsu Minami Ikoma Station


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Kikutukasa Brewery

About 10minutes walk

2. The Grave of Mino Okamaro

In Taiho, the first year of the Nara period (701), Mino Okamaro was part of the envoy to visit China during the Tang dynasty. In 1985, his tomb was designated an historical site of Nara Prefecture. As one of the lesser important ancient tombs of the Prefecture, his epitaph was discovered in 1872 and later proved to be that of Okamaro.


About 13minutes walk through Kuragari Mountain Pass

3. Sekibutsuji Temple

Located to the side of Kuragari Pass Nara Highway, the temple’s history, including its foundation, are not precisely known. However, we can date the three dimensional granite sculpture, Amitabha Buddha Statue to 1294, due to the inscription left by its sculptor, Inoyukiuji.


About 4minutes walk

4. Fujio town Amida Buddha

The Amida Buddha of Fujio Town is enshrined in a small shrine along Kuragari mountain pass. The statue stands at 107.5cm with an overall height of 136cm with the top missing.
It has been engraved to depict the wearing of Noue and emon garments. To the right is an inscription that says ‘7th year of the Bun'ei era’ (1270) Heading from here to the pass towards the West is now a stone buddhist temple.


About 7minutes walk

5. Manyo Tanka Inscriptions

From the Emperor down to ordinary folk, the collection encompasses a wide array of songs and poems written by people of ancient Japan. There are also 6 pieces in the City which have an Ikoma theme. One of them is located near the stone Buddha statue in Nishihata town. It is a spot where you can enjoy views of the terraced rice fields, which since ancient times have utilized stacked Ikoma mountain rocks, streams and ponds to ensure cultivation.


About 1minutes walk

6. Terraced Rice fields

The slopes of the Southeast side of Mt.Ikoma are home to a scenic array of terracd rice field. Paddy fields were constructed with piled rocks (Ikoma Rock, gabbro) and rice crop has been cultivated by utilizing river water, spring water and reservoirs.

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Lucky Garden


About 40minutes walk through Kuragari Mountain Pass

7. Kintetsu Hiraoka Station

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